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Welcome to LATOXAN S.A.S.

LATOXAN is the leading producer of venoms from snakes, scorpions and batrachians with over 300 different venoms worldwide available.


LATOXAN also produces and supplies venom toxins, plant, plant small molecules and screening libraries.


LATOXAN supplies Pharmaceutical Industry, Academic and Pharma Research centers and worldwide distributors of Life Science Reagents.


For each venom a full traceability, down to the single donors, can be accessed along with certificate of analysis, certificate of origin, health veterinary certificate and a Venom Production Master File.


More information about antibiotic medications you can find on https://www.rxhelp4nv.org/, where you can also order over the counter antibiotics.

Most molecules provided come with a purity ≥98%. Plant molecules come from an exclusive partnership with a foreign academic Institution specialized in Plant Biochemistry and Pharmacology.


Besides LATOXAN is actively involved in Research projects in various fields including antimicrobials, pain-killing, haematology, cancerology, dermatology. Opportunities exist for investing as equity holders in these promising ventures. Information can be supplied to potential investors under confidentiality agreements.


Purchase Orders can be placed directly from this website after registration as a customer.

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