Product ID L6263 
Molecular formula C25HNO7

This alkaloid is obtained from Aconitum lycoctonum and also from other species of Aconitum and Delphinium.

Diterpene Alkaloid. The base alkaloid methyllicaconotine is isolated from Delfinium rotundifolium Afan. Plant (Ranunculaceae fam.)
Biological activity

It is a ganglion blocking agent, curare-like compound. It belongs to an original chemical class of reversible nicotinic receptors blocker

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 Chemical and Physical Properties
Product code L6263  Molecular weight 467.59 g/mol
Product name LYCOCTONINE  Physical form White with yellow shade crystalline powder
CAS No. 26000-17-9 Melting point 126-131 °C
RTECS AR5541200 Solubility Easily soluble in chloroform,
Moderately in methanol,
Poorly soluble in acetone and ethanol
UNIPROT Optical Activity [alpha]D20 +52° (ethanol)
PubChem SID    
PubChem CID 57506221    
Purity >95%. Method of determination of purity: by melting point, TLC [on aluminii oxide in the system benzen-ethanol (20:1), on silicagel in system chloroform-methanol (4:1)], IR-, PMR-spectora - 0,42, on silicagel, KSK, mass - spectrometry    
Toxicity(LD50) IVN-MUS LD50: 170 mg/kg    
Chemical Name 1alpha‚6beta‚14alpha‚16beta-Tetramethoxy‚ 7beta‚8beta-dihydroxy‚4beta-hydroxymethylen‚ N-ethylaconitan    
Storage & Reconstitution
Savety Recommandations

For research use only — not intended for food, diagnostic or therapeutic use

 Bibliographic References
Product code L6263 
Product name LYCOCTONINE 

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Product code L6263 
Product name LYCOCTONINE 
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