Product ID L8224-100UG 
Molecular formula

It is an inhibitor of the binding of [125I]-apamin to rat brain synaptosomes and a specific neurotoxicity in mice.
This is a Leiurotoxin I analog whose Met7 was substituted by Arg7 (Uniprot Ref P31719)

A 31-amino acid peptide with 3 disulfide bonds , synthetic from the Leiurotoxin I, isolated from Leiurus quinquestriatus hebraeus scorpion venom
Biological activity

[R7]-Lei-OH inhibited binding of [125I]-apamin to its receptor in pharmacological experiments using rat brain synaptosomes and showed increased affinities when compared to natural toxins Lei-NH2 and Lei-OH. Experimental dose: EC50 at 0.08-0.1 nM

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 Product Technical Documents
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 Chemical and Physical Properties
Product code L8224-100UG  Molecular weight 3449 Da
Product name SCYLLATOXIN [R7]-  Physical form White powder
CAS No. 116235-63-3 (Parent) Melting point
RTECS Solubility Aqueous solution
UNIPROT Optical Activity ND
PubChem SID    
PubChem CID    
Purity > 99%    
Toxicity(LD50) mice (i.c.v.): 20 ng    
Chemical Name    
Storage & Reconstitution

Store preferably at 4 °C

Savety Recommandations

Use gloves, wear mask and manipulate under hood
For research use only — not intended for food, diagnostic or therapeutic use

 Bibliographic References
Product code L8224-100UG 
Product name SCYLLATOXIN [R7]- 

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Product code L8224-100UG 
Product name SCYLLATOXIN [R7]- 
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