Product ID L8226-100UG 
Molecular formula C145H231N45O47S8
A 34 amino-acids peptide with 4 disulfide bridges , synthetic, initially isolated from the venom of the Large-clawed scorpion Scorpio maurus palmatus.
Biological activity

Maurotoxin is a member of the α-KTx6.2 scorpion toxin family. It blocks voltage-gated potassium channels (KV1.1/KCNA1, KV1.2/KCNA2, and KV1.3/KCNA3) and inhibits apamin-sensitive small conductance calcium-activated channels (SK channels), particularly KCa3.1 (IKca1, SK4). The blockage of Kv1.2 occurs with high affinity. Maurotoxin has not the same disulfide pairing as other members of alpha-KTx 6.

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 Chemical and Physical Properties
Product code L8226-100UG  Molecular weight 3612.55 Da
Product name MAUROTOXIN  Physical form White lyophilized solid
CAS No. 188240-41-7 Melting point
RTECS NA Solubility water and saline buffer
UNIPROT P80719 Optical Activity
PubChem SID    
PubChem CID NA    
Purity > 98 %    
Toxicity(LD50) No Data    
Chemical Name    
Storage & Reconstitution

Stable at room temperature, store preferably at 4°C

Savety Recommandations  
 Bibliographic References
Product code L8226-100UG 
Product name MAUROTOXIN 

- 1. Blanc, E., et al. (1997) Solution structure of maurotoxin, a scorpion toxin from Scorpio maurus, with high affinity for voltage-gated potassium channels, Proteins.  ;
2. Carlier, E.,et al. (2000) Effect of maurotoxin, a four disulfide-bridged toxin from the chactoid scorpion Scorpio maurus, on Shaker K+ channels, J Pept.  ;
3. Fajloun Z, et al., (2011) Analysis of the interacting surface of maurotoxin with the voltage-gated Shaker B K(+) channel. J Pept Sci.  ;
4. Rochat, H., et al. (1998) Maurotoxin, a four disulfide bridges scorpion toxin acting on K+ channels, Toxicon.
Product code L8226-100UG 
Product name MAUROTOXIN 
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