Product ID L8426 
Molecular formula C178H248N44O45S7
A 36 amino-acids peptide with 3 disulfide bridges , synthetic, initially isolated from the venom of the Chinese fawn tarantula Plesiophrictus guangxiensi, also known as Chilobrachys jingzhao.
Biological activity

Guangxitoxin-1E (GxTx-1E) is a gating modifier of Kv2.1/KCNB1 (IC50=5.1 nM), Kv2.2/KCNB2 and Kv4.3/KCND3 channels (IC50=39 nM). Acts by shifting the channel activation to more depolarized potentials by stabilizing the resting conformation of the voltage sensor. It completely inhibits opening of the Kv2.1/KCNB1 channel at negative membrane voltages and dramatically shifts channel activation to positive voltages. May act by partitioning into lipid membranes and then by binding the voltage sensor paddle of the channel from a place within the membrane. It has no significant effects on Kv1.2/KCNA2, Kv1.3/KCNA3, Kv1.5/KCNA5, Kv3.2/KCNC2, Cav1.2/CACNA1C, Cav2.2/CACNA1B, Nav1.5/SCN5A, Nav1.7/SCN9A or Nav1.8/SCN10A channels.

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 Chemical and Physical Properties
Product code L8426  Molecular weight 3948.70 Da
Product name GUANGXITOXIN-1E  Physical form White lyophilized solid
CAS No. NA Melting point
RTECS NA Solubility water and saline buffer
UNIPROT P84835 Optical Activity
PubChem SID    
PubChem CID 121513878    
Purity > 98 %    
Toxicity(LD50) No Data    
Chemical Name    
Storage & Reconstitution

Stable at room temperature, store preferably at 4°C

Savety Recommandations  
 Bibliographic References
Product code L8426 
Product name GUANGXITOXIN-1E 

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Product code L8426 
Product name GUANGXITOXIN-1E 
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