Product ID L6029 
Molecular formula C17H13NO3

It is a CNS stimulant, convulsant and hypertensive.

Alkaloid , from plants of the Rutaceae family.
Biological activity

As CNS stimulant, it increases breath rhythm, reflex excitability and intensifies clinical cramps (tonic cramps).br>1 - 10 mg/kg increase arterial pressure by 5 - 20 mm Hg during 2 - 30 min.
1 - 3 - 5 mg/kg, on cats and dogs under anaesthesia, increase breath rhythm, which remains after decerebration, total excision of cerebellum and carotide ganglion block.
3 mg/kg and more, increase electric activity in the cortex and subcortex formations.
5 mg/kg remove completely the action of Thiopental sodium, Barbamil, Aminazine and Morphine on the bioelectrical activity of rabbit brain.
0.5 - 3mg/kg facilitate the conductivity of electric impulse in the downward activating system and stimulates the respiratory system of the reticulum formation of the caudal part of cat brain.

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 Chemical and Physical Properties
Product code L6029  Molecular weight 279.29 g/mol
Product name GRAVEOLINE  Physical form
CAS No. 485-61-0 Melting point 187-188 °C
RTECS Solubility In chloroform and hot alcohol
UNIPROT Optical Activity
PubChem SID    
PubChem CID 353825    
Purity > 96%    
Toxicity(LD50) IPR-MUS LD50: 363.5 mg/kg    
Chemical Name 4(1H)-Quinolone,1-methyl-2-[3,4-(methylenedioxy)phenyl]- (6CI,7CI,8CI)    
Storage & Reconstitution

Store at +4°C, in dark place.

Savety Recommandations

For Research Use Only. Not Intended for Diagnostic or Therapeutic Use

 Bibliographic References
Product code L6029 
Product name GRAVEOLINE 

- Ishmukamedov et al., "Foliosine influence on respiratory zones of reticular formation of caudal part of the brain." Pharmacology of alkaloids and glycosides. (1967) Tashkent p. 26-29 (Russian).
- Nasyrov et al., "EEG analysis of Foliosine alkaloid effect on the CNS." Rpts. Acad. Sci. UzSSR 2:51-53 (1968) (Russian).
Product code L6029 
Product name GRAVEOLINE 
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