Product ID L6093 
Molecular formula C22H23NO7

It is an inhibitor of carbachol-stimulated phosphoinositide turnover. It enhances the ability of Forskolin to augment cAMP levels in brain slices.
It is also an antitussive.

Phthalide Isoquinoline alkaloid , from plants of the Papaver genus, Papaveraceae
Biological activity

Noscapine is an antitussive agent, acting on a Central Nervous System site. However, unlike Codeine and other narcotics, Noscapine lacks addictive, analgesic, respiratory depressant, and sedative properties.
High affinity [3H]Noscapine binding sites are brain specific and ion insensitive. Although Noscapine (up to 1 mM) does not affect directly basal Phosphoinositide turnover or cAMP levels, it inhibits Carbachol-stimulated Phosphoinositide turnover (EC50 = 10 μM), and augments the stimulation by Forskolin of cAMP levels (EC50 = 50 μM).

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 Chemical and Physical Properties
Product code L6093  Molecular weight 413.42 g/mol
Product name NOSCAPINE  Physical form
CAS No. 128-62-1 Melting point 175-176 °C
RTECS RD2625000 Solubility In chloroform
Not in water
UNIPROT Optical Activity [alpha]D -202° ± 5° (chloroform)
PubChem SID    
PubChem CID 275196    
Purity > 98 %    
Toxicity(LD50) ORL-MUS LD50: 1090 mg/kg
SCU-MUS LD50:725 mg/kg
IVN-MUS LD50: 47 mg/kg
Chemical Name (3S)-6,7-dimethoxy-3-[(5R)-4-methoxy-6-methyl-7,8-dihydro-5H-[1,3]dioxolo[4,5-g]isoquinolin-5-yl]-3H-2-benzofuran-1-one    
Storage & Reconstitution

Store at +4 °C, in dark place.

Savety Recommandations

For research use only — not intended for food, diagnostic or therapeutic use

 Bibliographic References
Product code L6093 
Product name NOSCAPINE 

- Karlsson et al., "Characterization of high-affinity binding sites for the antitussive [3H]Noscapine in guinea pig brain tissue." Eur. J. Pharmacol. (1988). 145:195-203
- Mourey et al., "[3H]Noscapine binding sites in brain: relationship to indoleamines and the Phosphoinositide and adenylcyclase messenger systems." Molecular Pharmacology (1992). 42:619-626
Product code L6093 
Product name NOSCAPINE 
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