Product ID L9043 
Name PEMPIDINE Tartrate 
Molecular formula C10H21N .C4H6O6

a neuronal nicotinic AChR antagonist. Potent ganglioblocker. Antihypertensive. Good penetration of biological membranes. Monocyclic analog of TEMECHINE.

Piperidine derivative, , synthetic.
Biological activity

For comparative information see the attached tables. Cell permeant central nicotinic acetylcholine receptor blocker without action on skeleton muscle innervation.

Produces a slowly developing voltage-dependent block of ionoforetically activated cholinergic currents of the lobster gastric mill [3, 4].

CNS activity: see the attached table.

35 mg/kg increases ATP and decreases AMP [5]. Modulation of Dopamine release [6]. Increases IP level (Sherman).

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 Chemical and Physical Properties
Product code L9043  Molecular weight 305.37 Da.
Product name PEMPIDINE Tartrate  Physical form colorless crystal powder
CAS No. 79-55-0 (base), 546-48-5 (tartrate), 6152-93-8 (tosilate). Melting point 150-151°C
RTECS Solubility water, ethanol.
UNIPROT Optical Activity
PubChem SID    
PubChem CID 120729    
Purity min. 98%.
TLC (Silufol UV-254, MeOH:NH3(25%) Rf 0.78, development with Dragendorff� reagent); NMR (D2O).
Toxicity(LD50) mice (orally): 275 mg/kg    
Chemical Name 1,2,2,6,6-pentamethylpiperidine d-tartrate.    
Storage & Reconstitution

store at room temperature. Solution for use: dissolve in water: 10-3M (2 mg in 6.56 ml), stable for 1-2 days at 20°C.

Savety Recommandations

Do not swallow or inhale; avoid eye and skin contact.

 Bibliographic References
Product code L9043 
Product name PEMPIDINE Tartrate 

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Product code L9043 
Product name PEMPIDINE Tartrate 
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